Mack Summers

Mack grew up in the suburbs of Detroit Michigan where he developed a lifelong fascination and love of the outdoors. Relocating to Southern California, he gained a deeper appreciation of the vast difference in the natural world from the deserts to the wetlands and everything in between. Although definitely at home in the local foothills of Los Angeles, Mack also greatly enjoys travel. In his many travels, he has cultivated a talent for outdoor and nature photography, which has gradually grown into a passion. He has studied photographic techniques extensively including both field and digital darkroom processes and is continuing to expand his knowledge base as the technology grows.

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Mack currently uses the following photographic:

If filters are used, they generally include polarizer's and graduated neutral density filters for general landscape, warming filters for wildlife photography, and selected color filters for B & W film photography. Minor if any digital manipulations for some images include cropping, dodging, burning, and minor color correction.

Published Photos